Rules of Survival Free Download

Due to the successful release of a famous Battle Royale game called Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, there have been so many games like PUBG, and Rules of Survival is one of them that couldn’t be ignored! The game is known as a nice clone with various interesting features to explore. So take this chance to enjoy the new Battle Royale game!

Rules of Survival game was created and playable on most mobile devices powered by Android and iOS. So, if you are a PC user, you shouldn’t worry about being unable to play this game since it’s already launched a PC version. The game can be launched on Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP as well as MAC PC. If you are interested in this, don’t skip a chance to discover things in the game as well as learn how to install it on PC.

Rules of Survival Free Download

What is Rules of Survival about?

Rules of Survival is created and published by NetEase Games. There are up to 120 players in total, and none of them is armed with the weapons beforehand. You will start your adventure by jumping out of an airplane and then use your parachute to descend on an island with so many dangers around. You must start moving very carefully, try to enter some big buildings to find several weapons first, then equip yourself with them so you can take out the enemies. It’s not easy to obtain the goal because you are facing off against too many opponents. If you don’t prepare any tactics in advance, it will be a doom for you soon!

There are three principal elements you must race against, including the poison gas that is dispersing around the map, the deadly bullets fired by the rivals, along with the death that keeps following you behind. If you get past all of these, the chance for you to win the combat is very high! In addition, Rules of Survival lets you freely play as a solitary survivor, or you can go team up with other three friends. It’s up to you, so make sure you make a smart decision.

It’s so important to employ your strategies because you’re probably able to cope with all dangers. Try your hardest to use the weapons wisely too! Always stay watchful for the surroundings because the enemies can ambush you anytime they can. Your main objective is to become the last survivor!

In-game features

Rules of Survival consists of many awesome features you can enjoy throughout the combat. The features are considered as good elements that distribute the success of the game!

Rules of Survival Free Download

You can make a decision on avoiding a combat or joining it

The main goal of the game is to become the last man standing! This means that you can think about joining a combat to kill all enemies or just run away from them and try to protect yourself until the very end of the battle.

Win the combat by becoming the last man standing

The game contains up to 120 unarmed survivors, so you have to become the last man standing if you want to conquer the fight.

A wide range of weapons

Another cool feature in this Battle Royale game is a bunch of weapons that can be picked up and used. So feel free to collect them all, then utilize them wisely to defeat your enemies. The weapons are dispersed over the entire map, so you must enter some buildings or places to find them.

Many types of vehicles to drive

Don’t forget to go find some vehicles then use them to drive faster on various terrains instead of walking or running.

Awesome game modes

You can join single player or multiplayer modes.

Graphics and Effects

Rules of Survival game features amazing 3D effects with nice graphics, making the game more realistic!

A vast map

The in-game map is so huge, and it can even contain more than 60 players.

Simple controls

The in-game controls are not hard to use. You just have to tap on the screen to perform the actions of your character.

How to play Rules of Survival on PC

Firstly, you need to the download Bluestacks from the main site.

Start to install it.

Launch the bluestacks app, then use your email to establish your Google Play Store.

Then you type the title of the game to search for it.

After that, you hit the Install button to begin the installation.

After the installation is finished, go search for the game in “All Apps” or in “My Applications” sections.

How to download Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival are free for download and you can play it on mobile, tablet devices and even on PC too.

Download Rules of Survival for Android devices:

Google Play

Download Rules of Survival for iOS devices:
Download on the App Store

Download Rules of Survival for PC
Rules of Survival for PC

Tips you should learn if you are about to use Bluestacks

You are suggested to try Android device to play the game if Bluestacks don’t operate.

Bluestacks will sometimes ask you to pay the fee, but you will also have an option to continue using it for free by downloading several apps. Just simply click “Install apps”!

The keys inside bluestacks are easy to configure. So it’s up to you to configure them following your own way.

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