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Rules Of Survival PC Patch Notes Dec.15Now the iOS users are able to join Rules of Survival on their iOS devices. This is one of the most popular Battle Royale games these days. You should check it out if you already play PUBG game, and take a chance to experience new challenges.

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About Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival opens a challenging combat between the connected players. You will be airdropped into an island from an airplane, but you have no weapons or items in your hands. Therefore, you have to enter some places to find several weapons. Quickly grab them all and then use them to shoot other enemies. Besides staying watchful for the deadly shots launched by the rivals, you must also race against the poison gas that is spreading over the locations. In addition, you have to stay alive in a safe zone which keeps shrinking. If you survive until the end, the winner of the combat will be you!


  • Lots of 3D graphics with stunning effects added to the vast HD map.
  • You can decide to fight or dodge a battle.
  • You can choose your mode, including solo or team before entering the arena.
  • A lot of stuff for you to find and use, such as a wide range of weapons, many types of vehicles, handy items and more.

Download Rules of Survival iOS

It’s easy to enjoy Rules of Survival on your iOS device. Just go to your Apple App store and start to download the game to your device. When the installation is done, you can launch it by touching the icon. You should ensure that your iOS version is 7.0 or later.

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