Rules of Survival Android

Rules of Survival is playable on Android devices! Feel free to download this Battle Royale game to experience a lot of cool challenges. The game can be considered as a perfect clone of PUBG game, but still, you will explore new features.

Rules of Survival Android

About Rules of Survival

As one of 120 players that are not equipped with any weapons after being dropped down into a strange island from a plane, you must start your adventure by roaming the locations to find some weapons with good equipment. When you are fully equipped with them, you can be confident to fight against others. The poison gas is spreading over the entire map, also, the enemies will never stop shooting at you. The main goal is to get past all of those challenges and you have to survive in the safe zone until the very end of the combat.

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  • The map is in HD with stunning effects and graphics.
  • Pick your favorite mode, solo or team, then start your adventure.
  • Lots of weapons, vehicles, items and stuff for you to pick and use.

Download Rules of Survival Android

To download this Battle Royale game and play it on your device powered by Android, you need to go to Google Play Store, then start installing it on your device. When it’s done, just feel free to launch it! The most important thing is that your Android version should be 4.0 or later so the game can be played on your device.

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