How to play Rules of Survival on PC

Let’s give Rules of Survival PC a try for further challenges and a brand new experience. The PC version is finally out, and it’s completely free for download. Basically, the two versions (mobile and PC) have no differences, except the ways to installing the PC, along with the in-game controls.

Rules of Survival game took the inspiration from a famous Battle Royale game called Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. But it will still have its own charm. When you spawn in the arena, you will also jump out of a plane and use your parachute quickly to land on an unknown island. You have no weapons or items in your hands, so you must wander around many locations to find them. Arm yourself with the collected weapons and stuff so you can be confident and powerful to defeat the enemies. Killing the enemies is an important task, but you must also be aware of other risks, such as the poison gas spreading, or even the death that keeps chasing you behind. To overcome them, you need to use tactics and excellent skills.

Similar to PUBG game, there is a safe zone that turns up in this game. The goal of players is to survive in that zone when it still gets smaller. To become the last man standing, you must kill all other enemies, or just protect yourself if you don’t want to engage in any fights. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself alive!

Download and install Rules of Survival PC

It’s not hard to access the PC version, but there are still some tips you need to know before downloading and installing the PC version. Playing the game on PC will give you a different feeling from playing it on the mobile devices.

If you want to try the PC version, just ensure that your smartphone already installs the mobile version. In addition, the operating systems or hardware on your device need to be updated so the game can be launched. If the device’s system is just outdated, you may receive a message like this “Rules of Survival currently does not support emulators”.

Nox App Player and MEmu 3.6.7 are two simulators that can solve the issue when you can’t access the game. Let’s focus on the Nox App Player and find out how to install it.

Install Rules of Survival PC

Click here  to start downloading and installing Nox App Player 6 installer.

Use your email to sign into Google Play Store. After signing in, you can download the game.

You can use APK file if signing in Google Play is not your thing. Click here to download APK file. Double click it when the download is finished so you can begin installing into the Nox App Player.

Open the Nox App Player, then press the icon of the game so that you can launch it.

If you don’t want to use the Nox App Player, follow another way to download the game

The players are able to directly download the game to their PC and start installing it by following the guided steps. This way is much simpler than the mentioned method above, but you have to ensure that you already install the game on your mobile device so as to get the QR code. Then, you need to let the game on PC scan that code.

Download Rules of Survival PC

Rules of Survival for PC

Make sure your game run smoothly on PC

How to play Rules of Survival on PC

Go to the settings, choose Operation, and then start to switch Vehicle Control to Comfort Mode.

How to play Rules of Survival on PC

Be sure to change to Advanced part in the Settings. 3DTouch doesn’t help anything, so make sure you turn it off. Don’t forget to choose the Advanced Mode.

In-game Controls

Take a look at the in-game controls for the PC version:

How to play Rules of Survival on PC

  • Use keys WASD to control your character and let him/her move around the locations.
  • Shoot at the rivals by clicking the left mouse button.
  • Use key B to utilize your bag.
  • Press spacebar to jump.
  • Gather items by using key Alt.
  • Use keys 1,2,3 to change the weapons.
  • Use Caps Lock if you want to view the map.

You should learn and memorize the controls carefully prior to beginning your adventure. You are allowed to alter the default keys, so feel free to do so if you want. Remember to save changes when you’re done.

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